11 Ağustos 2009 Salı

Best File Search Engine: Seekmefile.com

A smarter way of searching files on the internet
Try it now.  seekmefile.com

Why Seekmefile.com is the best file search engine on the internet?

Compare us with the other file search engines, you will see the difference. More accurate results are obtained with our new intelligent filters. You have more control on the optimization of the search engine than the others. Find what you want easily and quickly by filtering the unnecessary links and incorrect URLs.


  • Search on Youtube and more than 24 file sharing websites

  • Search for any file extensions.

  • Advanced Rapidshare Filter: No more to redirect to deleted, removed or incorrect rapidshare links. See the file size near the rapidshare.com link before download. No more 404 not found errors and others. Also this filter works for other file sharing sites.

  • Filter insufficient links. Insufficient links are the file links which are hided by the remote sites such as forums. You need to visit these sites to reach the correct form of your file link. "Related Site" links are for this usage. Also you can find other links of your file if the file is divided into parts from the "Related Site" links.

  • Filter the password protected file links if you want.

  • Three level security filter which protects you from potential dangerous sites such as warez,hack,crack and adult sites.

  • Download files from the forums without registration.

  • Search using a time filter on the web.

  • Plain and clear design.
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